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Google has developed a new AI tool to help marine biologists better understand coral reef ecosystems and their health, which can aid in conversation

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Key Highlights: Google's AI Tool for Coral Reef Conservation

Google has developed an AI tool called SurfPerch to aid in coral reef conservation efforts. This tool, trained on thousands of hours of reef audio recordings, allows scientists to:

  • "Hear reef health from the inside": Analyze reef sounds to assess their health and biodiversity.
  • Track activity at night: Monitor reef activity even in the dark.
  • Study reefs in deep or murky waters: Analyze sounds from areas previously inaccessible to traditional methods.

SurfPerch was developed through a crowdsourcing project called "Calling in Our Corals". Members of the public helped classify fish sounds in reef recordings, creating a massive dataset for training the AI tool. This data, combined with bird recordings, further enhanced SurfPerch's capabilities.

Initial trials of SurfPerch have already yielded significant results:

  • Revealed differences between protected and unprotected reefs in the Philippines.
  • Tracked restoration outcomes in Indonesia.
  • Improved understanding of fish communities on the Great Barrier Reef.

The project is ongoing, with new audio recordings continuously added to the Calling in Our Corals website. This will further refine and enhance SurfPerch's capabilities, leading to even more impactful insights for coral reef conservation.