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Artists have finally had enough with Meta’s predatory AI policies, but Meta’s loss is Cara’s gain. An artist-run, anti-AI social platform, Cara has grown

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Key Highlights of the Cara App's Rise:

1. Artist Backlash Fuels Growth: Cara, an artist-centric social platform, saw a massive surge in users (from 40k to 650k in a week) due to artists' growing frustration with Meta's AI policies. Meta's use of public posts to train its AI systems without explicit consent, especially in the US, sparked widespread anger.

2. Artist-First Approach: Cara offers a safe space for artists to share their work without fearing it being used for AI training. It functions like a blend of Instagram and X, focusing on portfolio display and microblogging.

3. Founder's Advocacy: Founder Jingna Zhang is a renowned photographer who actively fights for artists' rights against AI companies. She has won legal battles against copyright infringement and is leading lawsuits against Google and others for using artists' work without permission.

4. Copyright Protection: Cara partners with the Glaze project to offer an extra layer of protection against AI scraping. This, along with Spawning AI's Do Not Train registry, aims to empower artists to control how their work is used.

5. Ethical Dilemma: The article highlights the fundamental clash between the tech world's open-source philosophy and artists' view of their work as an extension of themselves. Artists feel their work is being exploited, not just used.

6. Cara's Future Uncertain: Despite its rapid growth, Cara faces challenges. Its small team struggles to handle the influx of users, and a hefty bill from Vercel threatens its stability. Zhang's commitment to artist-ownership means she's hesitant to seek funding, leaving Cara's future uncertain.

7. The Impact of AI: The article explores the broader implications of AI on creative fields, using the example of Go champion Lee Sedol, who feels AI's existence may have deterred him from pursuing his career.

8. Zhang's Vision: Zhang's passion for artists' rights and her experience in various fields, including sports and photography, have shaped her vision for Cara. She believes in building a platform that resonates with artists who share her values.

9. Community Power: Despite the challenges, Cara has a strong community of artists behind it. This could be its greatest asset in navigating the future and securing a sustainable path.