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What is AI? We've put together this non-technical guide to give anyone a fighting chance to understand how and why today's AI works.

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  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) is software that mimics human thinking, approximating cognitive processes.
  • AI is also known as machine learning, a term that refers to the ability of machines to detect and continue patterns.
  • The concepts behind modern AI models are decades old, but advancements in computing power have enabled their widespread application.
  • AI works by predicting the most likely next step in a pattern, using a vast database of data to identify and replicate patterns.
  • AI is capable of generating low-value written content, assisting with coding tasks, sorting and summarizing large amounts of data, and identifying patterns in scientific data.
  • AI models can also create images and videos by associating words and phrases with visual representations.
  • Limitations of AI include its inability to distinguish between facts and hallucinations, potential bias due to training data, and concerns over data theft and copyright infringement.
  • Training data is crucial for AI development but raises ethical concerns regarding consent and potential misuse.
  • The concept of "artificial general intelligence" (AGI), where AI surpasses human capabilities, remains a distant possibility with no clear timeline or certainty of achievement.