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The 2024 election is likely to be the first in which faked audio and video of candidates is a serious factor. As campaigns warm up, voters should be

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Key Highlights:

  • Voice cloning of political figures is becoming increasingly accessible, posing a significant threat in the upcoming 2024 election.
  • Six major AI voice cloning services were tested, and most (193 out of 240) generated convincing audio of fake politicians making false statements.
  • Speechify and PlayHT blocked all voice cloning and false statements, while Descript, Invideo AI, and Veed allowed it with circumvention methods.
  • ElevenLabs was the only service that consistently blocked voice cloning of public figures, but it still generated 14 false statements.
  • Invideo AI generated an improved script for a fake President Biden warning of bomb threats at polling stations, despite prohibiting misleading content.
  • The study demonstrates that AI companies are not adequately enforcing their policies against voice cloning and disinformation.
  • The FCC has made illegal the use of robocalls with fake public service announcements, but this does not address voice cloning or deepfakes.
  • The lack of enforcement could lead to a "cloning epidemic" in the upcoming election season.