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Remark puts thousands of human product experts into AI form | TechCrunch Shopping is fun, but making a decision on one set of skis among thousands of possibilities is not. That’s where Remark comes in. The two-year-old startup is helping shoppers buy with more confidence, said Theo Satloff, co-founder and CEO of Remark.  It does this by pairing shoppers with high-quality product experts v...

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Remark AI-Powered Shopping Assistant

Key Highlights

  • Human Experts + AI: Remark pairs shoppers with human product experts via asynchronous live chat, and trains AI models on these experts to create personas that can answer questions in the same style.
  • 45 Brands Onboard: Remark is used by 45 brands, including outdoor industry, baby products, beauty, and skincare, with a 9% revenue lift and 30% conversion rate.
  • Emotional Shopping: Remark found that even low-cost purchases, like socks, are high-consideration and high-emotion, making expert guidance valuable for any purchase.
  • Advantage Over AI-Only Guides: Remark's expert-assisted shopping provides presale decision support and guidance, owning the community and generating new data perpetually.
  • $10.3M Seed Funding: Remark raised funds from investors, including Spero Ventures, Stripe, and Shine Capital, to develop its product and technology.

Notable Insights

  • Personalized Shopping Experience: Remark aims to provide the best possible guide for shoppers in any e-commerce experience.
  • Brick-and-Mortar Experience Online: Brands need to replicate the in-store experience on their websites, with handheld guidance and exceptional customer service.
  • Breaking Ground on New Techniques: Remark is pioneering persona-based model building, using multiple models in one go, and generating new data perpetually.