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ZeroPoint claims to have solved compression problems with hyper-fast, low-level memory compression that requires no real changes to the rest of the computing system.

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ZeroPoint's Breakthrough in Nanosecond-Scale Memory Compression

Swedish Startup Revolutionizes AI Infrastructure

ZeroPoint, a Swedish, has developed a novel memory compression technique that can widen the memory channel by 50% or more, tackling the power-hungry nature of AI infrastructure. With €5 million in new funding, the company aims to help system architects optimize performance while reducing energy consumption.

The Challenge: Compressing Data in Real-Time

Traditional compression techniques are too slow for real-time data processing, causing delays that can be catastrophic to performance. ZeroPoint's solution compresses data just before it enters RAM and decompresses it afterwards, all within a few nanoseconds.

How it Works

ZeroPoint's technology identifies patterns in small amounts of data (cache lines) and compresses them, achieving 2-4 times more data throughput. The company has solved the problems of compaction and transparency, making the tech seamless in existing systems.

Impact on AI Infrastructure

With the increasing demand for high-performance computing, ZeroPoint's tech can help companies like Nvidia, Intel, Meta, Google, and Apple reduce power consumption and costs. By effectively doubling memory, the technology can pay for itself in the long run.

Next Steps

The company plans to expand into U.S. markets and double down on Swedish markets, working with chipmakers and system integrators to license the technique and hardware design.