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“Running with scissors is a cardio exercise that can increase your heart rate and require concentration and focus,” says Google’s new AI search feature.

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Memes Expose Half-Baked AI Features: The Unintended Red Teaming of Social Media


The article highlights how social media users are unintentionally "red teaming" (testing and exposing vulnerabilities) half-baked AI features, particularly those from Google. Despite extensive testing, these AI products are shipping with obvious flaws, which are then amplified and ridiculed on social media through memes.

Key Points

  • Google's AI search feature has been producing ridiculous and incorrect responses, which are being shared and mocked on social media.
  • This phenomenon is similar to "red teaming" in cybersecurity, where ethical hackers test products for vulnerabilities.
  • Tech companies often downplay the impact of these flaws, citing that they are uncommon and isolated incidents.
  • However, these memes can serve as useful feedback for companies developing and testing AI.
  • The article also raises concerns about the value of AI content deals, citing Google's $60 million contract with Reddit to license content for AI model training.

Examples of AI Failures

  • Google suggesting adding glue to pizza sauce to make it stickier
  • Incorrect information on what to do in case of a rattlesnake bite
  • Misidentifying a poisonous mushroom as a common white button mushroom
  • Confusing a hockey player with a dog

Consequences and Concerns

  • Bad AI responses can lead to further confusion and poisoning of AI models
  • The internet's lack of regulation and abundance of misinformation can perpetuate these issues
  • The article concludes that "garbage in, garbage out" – flawed AI products can have serious consequences if not properly tested and refined.