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The check-in computers at several hotels around the U.S. are running a remote access app, which is leaking screenshots of guest information to the internet.

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  • Consumer-grade spyware app pcTattletale found on check-in systems of at least three Wyndham hotels in the US
  • App captures screenshots of hotel booking systems, containing guest details and customer information
  • Security flaw in pcTattletale allows anyone on the internet to access captured screenshots, exposing sensitive information
  • pcTattletale allows remote control of target devices and data, marketed as a way to monitor employees or track spouses/domestic partners
  • Wyndham spokesperson says hotels are independently owned and operated, but won't confirm if they were aware of pcTattletale's use
  • says its systems were not compromised, but notes that hotel systems are often targeted by cybercriminals
  • pcTattletale promotes itself as a means to monitor employees or track partners, but can be used to track people without their knowledge or consent
  • pcTattletale's website offers a service to install the spyware on a target's computer, promising "no traces left behind"