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In this edition of This Week in Review, we take a look at OpenAI's explorations of AI-generated porn and the risks they entail.

AI action "Highlights":

This Week in AI: OpenAI Considers Allowing AI-Generated Porn

Key Highlights:

  • OpenAI explores allowing AI-generated porn: OpenAI is considering allowing explicit images and text in its products, sparking concerns about creators' rights, safeguards, and potential abuse.

Crucial Insights:

  • Creators' rights at risk: OpenAI's models are trained on vast amounts of public web content, including pornographic material, without licensing or allowing creators to opt out.
  • Safeguards are fallible: Despite refinement, filtering and moderation tools can be circumvented, enabling abuse of AI models, apps, and platforms.

Notable Findings:

  • AI-generated porn raises ethical concerns: The creation of AI-generated porn could lead to stiffer competition for creators, exploitation of their work, and potential abuse.
  • Laws and regulations struggle to keep up: New laws aim to combat AI-powered sexual abuse, but the justice system's ability to regulate the fast-moving AI industry is uncertain.

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  • Microsoft restricts AI use: Microsoft reaffirms its ban on using generative AI for facial recognition in law enforcement.
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  • RAG limitations: Claims of eliminating hallucinations using RAG are exaggerated, and vendors should be cautious.
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